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The dog of Angelo del Plato watched intently as his master was lowered into the grave. Eight years later, friends of the family acknowledged that they could not remember a day when that loving dog did not visit his master&rsquo,s gravesite, usually sitting a while on the turf over his master&rsquo,s body… Even those who are not dog lovers must admire and commend the faithfulness of that dog to his master. It is a sharp rebuke to many Christians for their lack of faithfulness to their Master!Enjoy these easy-to-read short devotions by Roger Ellsworth&mdash,and a good cup of coffee at the same time!&nbsp,My Coffee Cup Meditations are short, easy-to-read, Bible-based devotions to help you consider God&rsquo,s greatness, the wonderful gospel of Jesus, and be better equipped for life here and hereafter._,
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