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Do you know the difference between a Good decision and a Godly decisions?&nbsp,This book is about the power to make important decisions in your life that will change your destiny towards greatness. This is probably the single, most important lesson that God teaches us because it is the key to a door that opens up the promises of God.&nbsp,This book is your guide to take a decisive step to tear down a few barriers, precepts and concepts that might be preventing you from seeing God’,s decisions and then we can walk you through God’,s decision-making process.T.S. Cherry Quotes You must be absolutely convinced that you are unable to make a good decision and must rely on God&rsquo,s decision instead. Literally, your own decisions must die so as to allow for God&rsquo,s decisions to rule over your life. &nbsp, When we are hurt by life&rsquo,s disappointments and difficult circumstances, we begin to refuse to see the sun as bright and shiny. Instead, we see a dark, black-and-white world. And oftentimes when the word of God offers you a yellow sun and a box of crayons that says anything is possible, you give the box of crayons back to God and say, &ldquo,No, thank you, I don&rsquo,t see life that way and so I am refusing to participate,&rdquo, or whatever words you choose to express that. &nbsp,_,
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