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In this, his long-awaited first novel, Frank Mullen holds up a mirror to American personal injury law, addictions to booze and information, the failure of relationships between men and women, and standard Dachshunds.&nbsp,&nbsp, &nbsp, Pete Consin works as a forensic investigator of everyday catastrophes that are as absurd as they are heartbreaking.&nbsp,&nbsp,When Pete&nbsp,loses his ability to separate the sorrow in his work from the sorrow in his personal life,&nbsp,both worlds crash spectacularly, in tandem, chapter by chapter. In these eighteen beautifully written tragedies, Mullen weaves a story, with sarcasm and poignancy,&nbsp,about unforgettable people as they churn through their private American disasters.&nbsp,&nbsp,He takes you on a captivating drive across a landscape of legal apologues, quiet betrayals, and suicidal preoccupation. His writing is skeptical and comic, reassuring throughout, and pointed toward unexpected hope and redemption.&nbsp,&nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp,_,
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