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In A Mirror is a thought-provoking introduction to Gods salvation, reflecting on the the epic story that has evoked many mythologies about good and evil portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve, and ending with the redemption and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By a more concise account to the principles of salvation, the book lays the foundation to the elements of destiny, desire, knowledge, shame, sin, the cross, death, power, prayer, praise, justice, truth, faith, joy, righteousness, and the Holy Spirit, on which a life in Jesus Christ is attained. Drawing parallels from Jesus Christs life, the book argues the distinctive Godly signatures that have outlaid His divine plan, paramount in His powerful ministry on earth, which continued with Christs crucifixion to save those whom He loves, rectifying the sin that began with Adam and Eve. In A Mirror is an invitation to reconsider a relationship with God based on the unshakable truth of Jesus Christ, and not on any other fleeting images. In A Mirror is an outcome of the authors years of searching to find God . . . I recommend it to other readers, hoping it will give some new light–a unique reflection of a life–looking through the mirror of Christ. –Saad Khilla, Retired Seventh-Day Adventist Minister In A Mirror is an autobiography of Raeds life after years of self-doubt and disbelief, and finally to a realization of God . . . the book expresses the undeniable evidence to the presence and existence of God and our reflections in the mirror of His words. –Hany Yacoub, Seventh-Day Adventist Deacon Born to a Seventh-Day Adventist minister, Raed is a third-generation, born again Christian. Raed earned his graduate education from Bentley University and George Washington University, where he studied business and engineering, respectively, his undergraduate degree is from New York University where he studied information systems. Raed discovered his love of writing during his personal Bible study time, heeding to Gods re
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