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Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is somewhat obscure today, due in part to the enmity of his famous, influential, and extremely vindictive colleague, Sir Isaac Newton. Yet Hooke was perhaps the single greatest experimental scientist of the seventeenth century. His reputation in the history of biology largely rests on his book&nbsp,Micrographia, published in 1665. &nbsp, Using his compound microscope and illumination system, he observed organisms as diverse s&nbsp,insects,&nbsp,sponges,&nbsp,bryozoans,&nbsp,foraminifera, and&nbsp,bird&nbsp,feathers.&nbsp,Micrographia&nbsp,was an accurate and detailed record of his observations, illustrated with magnificent drawings. &nbsp, This 8.5 x 11 inch coloring book contains every plate from Micrographia in high resolution. Each illustration is printed on one side of the page, with a brief quote from Micrographia and room for notes on the other side.&nbsp, (Thanks to Ben Waggoner http
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