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This powerfully-written, insightful book allows us to overhear the sounds of pastoral ministry reverberating through the life and memories of another minister, Dan Lynch. It illuminates, clarifies and, yes, it sometimes challenges our own understandings of pastoral, personal and lay ministry.&nbsp,Pastor Dan&rsquo,s insights offer clues as to how God may be found, or better yet, where God may find us, in relation to both ministry. This is what makes Dan&rsquo,s pastoral memoir so engaging.&nbsp, Very few of us can share and tell our stories as deftly as pastor Dan.&nbsp,Pastor Dan&rsquo,s insightful stories magnify the ways that God shaped us for ministry. Filled with life lessons, ministry experience, theological truth, Scripture, and Christian tradition, pastor Dan&rsquo,s Moments of Ministry can help us to more fully understand our own Moments of Ministry.&nbsp,Dan Lynch spent 51 years as a Police Officer, Chaplain of Jail, Chaplain of Sheriff and a Chaplain of Local and State Police and Pastor. He has taught at Moody Bible College and has also been a teaching Pastor at his present church since 2000._,
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