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Sinopsis de SUNNYVILLE

Marion Legrand arrives from France with her daughter after receiving a cryptic letter from her ailing sister Mimi, unaware of what lies in store for them in Florida. They are assailed by a coterie of oddballs at an otherwise stable no-nonsense age discretionary retirement community . It s late-life crisis at Sunny Glen Palms, and from the golf greens to the clubhouse the veil of the American psyche is lifted, revealing the sometimes lazy sometimes chaotic world of retirement. Oh I ve wasted my mind don t you see, says Libby Alsatian, I ve killed my mind and I have to fix it. Right here! The residents problems run the gamut from Alzheimer s disease, existential angst and anti-depressants to a major glitch in the plans for Flora Wheeler s monumental one hundredth birthday party._,
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