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Suffer the little children to come unto me&hellip,&nbsp, and be like goats in my paradeThe city of Portland, Maine, is preparing for a parade to end all parades, one that will usher in a thousand years of darkness. The only thing is, they don’,t know it.&nbsp,Four strangers will engage each other on the Devil’,s battlefield and fight not only for the future of the city, but for the entire world.&nbsp,Warren Pembroke, Satan’,s Chosen One. He has been charged with making sure everything goes according to the Dark Lord’,s plan.&nbsp,Svetlana Barnyk, a gypsy street performer cursed with the Gift of Sight. She lives in fear of the day when&nbsp,Zee Doctor will return to reclaim the gift he bestowed on her.&nbsp,&quot,Tobacco Joe&quot, Walton, an ex-con who served a 43-year term for committing a savage crime in the name of Justice. He is seeking redemption, but Ol’, Scratch has other plans for him.&nbsp,Erik Marsh, a crime beat reporter driven to the edge by the atrocities man has committed against his fellow man. All he wants is to preserve his sanity and spend time with his son.&nbsp,Will they be able to defeat the Devil and stop the Goat Parade, or will the world be plunged into an age of darkness and endless suffering?_,
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