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David Billeiter is an ordained Southern Baptist minister and was a patrol sergeant with the Kerr County Sheriffs Office in May of 2001. Before entering law enforcement, he served as a pastor for about twenty years. He is now pastor of New Hope Fellowship in Ingram, Texas. On May 4, 2001, David, in his capacity as a patrol sergeant, received a message from God informing him that he would very soon encounter a desperate serial kidnapper. Truly, the events that unfolded following that message were nothing short of a miracle. A dangerous predator was on the loose, stalking and abducting young girls. He raped and tortured his victims for days before releasing them, and authorities knew it would only be a matter of time until one of his victims ended up dead. Law enforcement agencies desperately wanted to find and apprehend this monster – a man they were now calling the IH-10 Predator. Responding to the message he had received, Billeiter took action that day that prevented the IH-10 Predator from claiming another victim. Now, in this personal narrative and testimony, he recalls his experiences of that time, sharing events that reveal the hand of God in the takedown of an evil man and the rescue of a ten-year-old girl._,
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