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Are you thinking of starting a food business, or have you launched and would like some help and guidance?When Claire decided to set up a food business, she didn&rsquo,t find it easy. Her book, written from the heart, follows her story with brutal honesty, as she has lived and breathed the ups and downs along the way.It combines an account of her trials and tribulations in creating and developing a food brand, whilst at the same time weaving in a &lsquo,how to guide&rsquo,, providing the tools to decide if creating a food business is right for you.The result is her book that isn&rsquo,t just a biographical story of a businesswoman, nor is it a self-help manual for budding entrepreneurs. It is both.Whether your goal is selling via independents and creating a speciality or artisan food business, or developing a range of food and drink products for grocery chains, this book helps hopeful food entrepreneurs become experts in everything from concept and production to sales and marketing.&nbsp,Claire uses real-life examples and case studies from some of her clients, who are successful individuals and businesses who have launched the food business of their dreams.&nbsp,&nbsp,She also provides links to useful charts and worksheets to simplify the process and keep entrepreneurs organised and focused.&nbsp,She shares things like
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