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Dont be a minor character in lifes story.be your own hero! Our world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. New technologies, global communications, diverse populations and shifting expectations drive the changes that impact our daily lives. This rapid rate of change leaves many of us feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and confused. Many have choices, yet we lack a systematic and conscious approach to make the important kinds of quality of life decisions we face in this changing world. Often bouncing from one turning point to another without any sense of control, when we finally stop for a moment and think about life, we long for meaning. Turning Points offers a systematic approach to understand our life themes, take control of the next chapter, and be the hero of our story. Turning Points will help you identify your qualities, interests, experiences, successes, dreams and values so you can better understand and anticipate change. Taking the time to review these aspects of your self helps bring the important things to consciousness. This in turn can lead you to a life plan that will satisfy you and give your life meaning and purpose. Personal discovery will empower you to navigate your life transitions. You will develop a mission and context for the many decisions you make as you navigate your turning points. Be the hero of your own life story. Take control of your Turning Points._,
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