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Breaking Down the Basics Kick-start your yoga practice without stress, fuss or expensive equipment. Yoga Basics focuses on multiple aspects of yoga practice so that novices can experience both the physical and mental benefits of maintaining a routine yoga practice. Yoga Instructor, Kim Fyfee, quickly moves novice yoga enthusiasts up to speed with a general overview before moving on to an exploration of yoga s numerous benefits–mental clarity, stress relief, focus, flexibility, weight loss, and improved health. In Chapter 3, Fyfee offers tips to help novices ease gently into their new yoga practice, because it s easy to get frustrated and give up without proper preparation. Later, in specific detail, Fyffe discusses various types of yoga equipment–covering items ranging from mats, towels, bolsters and balls to videos and yoga music. Once readers are familiar with the different types of yoga, Fyffe instructs readers on how to perform 12 different yoga poses. Each pose is complete with step-by-step instructions and an explanation of its unique health benefits. For those readers who are tightly scheduled or stuck at their desk a good portion of the day, Fyfee dedicates an entire chapter to yoga exercises that can easily be performed at work. Fyfee also devotes a good portion of her book to meditation and therapeutic yoga exercises that are useful for relieving specific physical ailments such as headaches, cramps or depression. From A to Z, Yoga Basics offers a well-balanced overview of yoga theory and practice. Get your yoga groove on with Yoga Basics!_,
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